• A woman’s body
  • Regulation thereof
  • A “fetus”
  • Age at which a “fetus” becomes a “child”
  • Living vs. non-living in the womb
  • The mother’s quality of life, whilst ignoring the baby’s
  • Planned Parenthood
  • Rape

Things Abortion IS About, and Will Always BE About:

  • Sin
  • Covering up and justifying sin
  • Murder—not just any murder, but murder of pure, unadulterated innocence.
  • Human beings
  • Protecting those without a voice
  • Community
  • Love
  • Mercy of God

I’ve made my final decision. I am pro-life


Good to know you support a theocracy, hon! What happens when a pregnant/potentially pregnant person doesn’t share your religious beliefs? Still think they need to be forcibly legislated into ‘em?



Hmm, fascinating…

Well shit